Universal Business Solutions Charges Ahead into the Future with EV Charging Stations

Apr 11, 2024 | Technology

Universal Business Solutions (UBS) is excited to announce its latest venture into the world of electric mobility with the introduction of a cutting-edge lineup of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. This strategic move marks a significant step forward for UBS in providing comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial charging needs.

Revolutionizing Your Charging Experience: AC Elite Home

At the heart of this new offering is the AC Elite Home, a user-friendly and efficient home charging solution available for direct purchase on the UBS website. The AC Elite Home is designed for seamless integration into your daily life, featuring easy installation and a dedicated app for smartphone control. Charging your EV has never been more convenient, making it a perfect fit for modern homes.

Elevating Businesses with Commercial Solutions

For businesses ready to embrace a new era of efficiency, UBS presents commercial-grade chargers that stand out for scalability and performance. Some options offer up to an impressive 240 kW of fast charging, catering to diverse business needs. These commercial solutions are tailored to elevate enterprises by providing efficient and sustainable charging infrastructure.

Expert Guidance and Unparalleled Support

Understanding the unique needs of each customer, UBS is committed to offering expert guidance through the entire process. The team at UBS will provide personalized recommendations and purchasing information, ensuring that clients make informed decisions that align with their specific requirements.

Join the EV Revolution with UBS

Whether you’re a homeowner considering an EV charger for your residence or a business owner looking to implement charging solutions, UBS is dedicated to supporting you on your journey towards efficient and eco-friendly charging solutions.

“We’re excited about the endless possibilities that EV chargers bring to individuals and businesses alike,” says Marc Morgan, CEO at Universal Business Solutions. “Our goal is to make the transition to electric mobility seamless and rewarding. With our expert guidance and innovative charging solutions, we’re confident that UBS will be at the forefront of the EV Revolution.”

For more information or inquiries about EV chargers, please reach out to the UBS team HERE.

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