H-E-B Reclaims Its Crown as America’s Top Grocery Retailer

Nov 1, 2023 | Local

In the realm of U.S. grocery retail, H-E-B has solidified its status as a reigning champion, earning the prestigious title of the nation\’s favorite grocery retailer once again. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of its Partners (employees) and the loyalty of its valued customers, H-E-B has clinched the coveted top spot in a consumer survey conducted by the renowned consumer research firm, Dunnhumby. This annual survey meticulously evaluated over 60 grocery retailers across the United States, and the Lone Star State\’s beloved grocer emerged victorious.

The annual Retailer Preference Index report by Dunnhumby is a significant benchmark in the grocery industry, and the 2023 edition featured insights gathered from an impressive sample of 30,000 consumers. These shoppers shared their sentiments on five essential drivers: price, speed and convenience, quality, digital capabilities, and operational excellence.

As the results were unveiled, the San Antonio Express-News aptly remarked, \”H-E-B remains Texas\’ favorite grocery chain, and it may also be the best positioned in America for future success.\” Indeed, H-E-B\’s journey to the summit is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence.

H-E-B had previously claimed the #1 position in the Dunnhumby survey in 2020, and in 2022, it graciously accepted second place. However, this year, H-E-B surged back to the pinnacle, reigniting a powerful and \”emotional connection with more of their shoppers.\”

Price, quality, and digital prowess, three pivotal pillars in the world of grocery retail, proved to be H-E-B\’s strong suits. Shoppers consistently praised H-E-B for creating a shopping experience that transcends transactional exchanges. One customer shared, \”I find shopping in stores where the employees are well taken care of offer a better shopping experience so I like to mostly shop at stores like [H-E-B].\”

Another highlighted the genuine pride the retailer takes in its products, saying, \”I love [H-E-B] because of their store brand and all of the different things they make and have to offer. They truly put pride in their work.\”

With an impressive annual sales figure exceeding $38 billion, H-E-B is a versatile retail powerhouse that encompasses various formats, including Central Market, Joe V\’s Smart Shop, Mi Tienda, and Favor Delivery. Holding the distinction of being the largest privately-held employer in Texas, H-E-B is home to over 154,000 dedicated Partners and operates a sprawling network of more than 430 stores throughout Texas and Mexico.

As H-E-B returns to the zenith as America\’s #1 grocery retailer, it not only basks in the glory of this prestigious accolade but also renews its commitment to serving communities and enhancing the lives of its cherished customers. In the world of grocery retail, the Lone Star shines brightly, and its name is H-E-B.

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